overflower is my current generator project. While Projcam I was on my holiday, so I could only work a little on it.

You can choose between a colored flower or a lineart style. The lineart style can be used for pen plotters or other vector tracing machines like laser cutters.

Additionally, you can choose between a complete flower or a boxed version, where the flower is placed in a rectangle.

You can also shuffle colors current colors, get random new colors or get a random new shape.

Generation takes a moment, so please be patient :)

Stay updated: https://github.com/bleeptrack/overflower

StatusIn development
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Tagsflower, Generator


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This is pretty nice and I don't think I've seen something like it before. Could be neat to arrange them into a flowerpot or something.

This is great, I love the style and variety of the flowers!

I just love it

This is lovely! I particularly love the designs you're creating inside the leaves.